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This new board requires signing up before you can post messages, but it is easy and does not require detailed personal information. All that is required is your desired username, password, and some very basic info about you. If you select a username that has been taken, you will be notified by email and asked to pick a new name.

The sign up process is manual, so we can keep things under control. When you sign up, you will have an account within a few hours and be notified by email. You will then be able to post messages freely. Until then, feel free to read the messages and post if you want to, but without an account your messages are moderated. They will not show up on the board until they have been approved by a moderator.

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Use the links in the left frame to log in, sign up, or start using the new board. If you do not see a frame on the left, click here. The photo albums and members sections will be ready soon.


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